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There’s something about a puzzle that begs to be completed...

And, the thing about puzzles is that every piece fits in its own place 
— you can’t just shove the pieces together at random, they won’t truly connect

Even if a puzzle is missing one tiny piece, 
it’s so glaring that your eye is drawn to it, 
and it becomes your focus. 

It doesn’t matter that all the other pieces are in place, 
your mind just can’t get past that gaping hole that’s screaming to be filled.

Your life is like a puzzle, too, 
and it’s made up of all kinds of pieces that often seem like they’re just swirling haphazardly in your head.

It feels like you have a million tabs open, and your emotions, ideas, thoughts, and desires are just bouncing off the walls of your brain. 

You want to move forward in life, 
to be successful, happy, healthy, fulfilled, and energized every day, 
but something’s always holding you back

— those invisible shackles that you just can’t shake off.

You’ve tried the usual remedies prescribed by various self-declared gurus
— books, meditations, journaling, visualization, 
and you’ve probably spent untold amounts of money in your quest for self-improvement. 

And yet, you can’t seem to get anywhere. 

You know why that is? 

Because all these superficial, half-hearted methods are designed to give you a short-lived, feel-good high, but they can’t replace the missing pieces in the puzzle of your life, leaving it still aching to be complete.

How do we know? 

Well, we’ve been where you are. 

We were both born in war zones — one of us in a literal war zone in the Middle East, 
and the other in a war zone of a family riven with rape, abuse, and untreated mental illness. 

Coming into this world on opposite sides of it required a bit of destiny to bring us together, but we needed each other to complete our individual puzzles. 

You see, 
one of us is a hardcore academic,
 while the other is a rebel with a passion for an unconventional approach to life

But, we both entered our respective professions, one in psychology, and the other in business, and found a common theme — our careers were centered on helping people overcome obstacles in their path, yet some of our clients were succeeding, while others were failing miserably. 

Neither one of us could live with a single person being left behind, 
so we came together to understand what was working, and what wasn’t. 

And that’s when all our puzzle pieces clicked.

There’s a reason why everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked. 
And the dirty truth is that it’s designed to fail. 

Not for any sinister reason, but rather, 
because our mind is wired a certain way and it often works against us as a matter of self-preservation. 

What we’re trying to say is that the solution lies in understanding how you can reprogram your mind in your favor instead of letting it keep you from moving forward. 

What’s holding you back is not a lack of strategy, or hustle, or willpower. 

You see, 
many of the pieces look the same from afar. 

But when you look up close, they’re different... 
...they just won’t fit where they’re not meant to be. 

All those things you’ve tried to improve your life before...

...the books, podcasts, and life coaches? 

Well, they were kind of like puzzle pieces from afar. 

They seemed to fit on the surface, but, once you look closer, you see that those pieces were just randomly shoved together.

Our methods go deep beneath the surface, 
identifying the root of the problems you have, and making solutions come naturally, equipping you for life. 

And to complete your puzzle, we need to retrain and rewire your mind.

It seems complicated, but we’re here to simplify it for you.

Your mind is a beast, 
and it’s incredibly powerful, whether it works in your favor or not. 

You’re stuck because right now that beast is not your friend, 
and your puzzle remains painfully incomplete. 

So, let’s connect and change that together, putting the missing pieces into your puzzle to create the masterpiece it’s intended to be. 

You have no idea just how dramatically your life is about to change!
Reza Rezz
co-founder & 
Business Expert / strategist
Victoria Larson
co-founder & 
Mindset Expert / licensed professional
Mindset Performance Training
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